I am tired of the devil winning in my life and yours! This blog is here to offer advice and encouragement so that you can become the warrior God intended you to be!

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You can now purchase my book, Royal Warrior on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am so tired of Satan claiming victory in my Christian brother’s & sister’s lives. I hope the message in my book helps you to build your own battle plan to kick the devil to the curb!

A coworker steals your idea and presents it to your boss as his own and you are furious. Your toddler looks you directly in the eye after you made a request of her and screams “No!” and proceeds to throw herself on the floor kicking and screaming in full tantrum mode. You are feeling so down that you can’t seem to function anymore. All these are real problems that we can face daily. Satan likes to insert himself into these types of situations and cause us even more grief. He is declaring war on us because we are followers of Jesus. When situations like this come our way, what do we do? How do we handle these attacks?

If we don’t have a battle plan, we are less likely to see victory in our lives. Jesus said that he came so that we can have life abundantly. Do you feel like you are living an abundant life, or are you being weighed down from these daily battles?

This book has been put together to offer easy, practical steps to form your own battle plan. Wendi Barczynski has used what God has taught her while she faced her own set of challenges. Take time to dive into this book to read what God’s word says about how to see victory in your life as you face these daily battles. It’s time for you to become a royal warrior!

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